What Tiny Red Dots On Skin Could Say About Your Health

Tiny Red Dots On Skin can suddenly appear in any part of the body. Some people have them on the face, chest, arms, feet, back, or in other body parts. These Tiny Red Dots On Skin may not seem harmful and therefore some people did not take them seriously. They thought it must be some minor allergy and will go away as time goes by. It is true for some of the Tiny Red Dots On Skin but in some other cases it is not.

In fact, it might lead to some serious health conditions such as cancer. You might have spotted some of these red dots on your skin but never really thought about it as something to be worried about. These dots could actually say something about what may happen to your health. Tiny Red Dots On Skin are sometimes the initial symptoms of more serious conditions. Knowing that, it becomes very important to recognized what these red dots are from the very early stage. If the dots turn out to be harmless than you can relax and stop worrying about it. However, if they turn out to be the early stage of serious health condition, you can immediately decide the course of action to prevent it from getting worse.

Tiny Red Dots On Skin Could Be Cherry Angiomas

The Tiny Red Dots On Skin that you might be having could be something that doctors called cherry angiomas. It is also known as Campbell De Morgan spots, named after a nineteenth-century British surgeon, the first person who noted and described these red spots. Cherry angiomas are spots with cgerry red colors that contain an anomalous proliferation of blood vessels. This condition is the most common type of angioma that when first develop could be as small as a tenth of millimeter in diameter. These spots are almost flat and the color ranges from bright red to purple.

These Tiny Red Dots On Skin could grow as big as around one or two millimeter across an in some cases up to one centimeter or more. As more blood vessels contained in the dot, it could get thicker and turn into a “dome” and may bleed when injured. If the Tiny Red Dots On Skin you are having are Cherry Angiomas, you can relax since they are harmless. However, if the Cherry Angiomas appear all of a sudden and in massive amount, it could be the sign of a developing internal malignancy, so consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

Tiny Red Dots On Skin Could Be Extravasation



Extravasation in this context means the leakage of red blood cells caused by trauma to the wall of the blood vessels. A good example of Extravasation is when someone plays volleyball after a long time of absence. When the ball hits the forearm repeatedly, this leakage happens due to the trauma and the Tiny Red Dots On Skin will appear later on. These dots will disappear in a few days as the color become lighter and lighter each passing day. Extravasation can also be found under the eyes, near the bridge of the nose, or under the brows. The red spots found in this area are most likely to be Extravasation that is caused by scratching. They can still appear even if the scratch is mild. There is no need to panic if you notice Extravasation Tiny Red Dots On Skin because they are harmless.

Tiny Red Dots On Skin Could Be Melanoma Skin Cancer

The Tiny Red Dots On Skin could also be the signs of melanoma skin cancer. The spots may also be appear as purplish, brown, and black blotches  instead of red. Melanoma skin cancer could be taken as the ultimate reason why you have to be aware of the tiny red dot you may found on your skin. It could be something not serious, but until you consult the doctor and go through some test, no one can guarantee that these dots are not the sign of melanoma skin cancer. If the spots are indeed melanoma skin cancer, they will keep on growing. They are usually found on the lip, chin, or on other area of the face. You should really see a doctor immediately if you found this kind of Tiny Red Dots On Skin.

Other Causes of Tiny Red Dots On Skin

The red spots on skin could also be caused by a number of other different reasons like  leukocyclastic vasculitis that is usually has something to do with medications, infections, or autoimmune processes.  Schamberg’s disease and insect bites could also lead to Tiny Red Dots On Skin.

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