Is Kojic Acid Dangerous?

Everything can be done to get a beauty. There are certain limitations that cannot be violated if it is to keep healthy skin. Many beauty or skin-lightening products are distributed only for profit. Cosmetics do not deliver the desired results, but actually damaging your skin. Many people are also using skin-lightening creams containing mercury that are harmful to the skin. Before you choose how to care for your skin, you should learn more about cosmetic or methods you will use to minimize the possibility of skin damage. And in this pages I will tell you about Kojic Acid another skin whitening ingredient,  so if you want interest in this topics, keep reading!

Everything used to believe that no change to experience certain side effects, such as the use of skin whitening. Whiten the skin by injection is not a natural way, and certainly no side effects. Natural skin care and make it more clear can you do naturally and this is better, such as eating the fruit that contains vitamin C, drink lots of water, treating the skin with natural ingredients like olive oil, and so forth. There are many natural ways to beautify the skin. Do not be tempted by the promise of cosmetics with a quick and perfect results, remember, they create an ad to convince you and they just need your money, instead you want to look more beautiful. If you really want the beauty and health of your skin, take care of your skin naturally healthy and start living. If you want to know what will be generated if you use cosmetics made from bleach, please continue reading the article below.

Knowing Types Of Skin Bleach

Lots of skin whitening ingredients used in cosmetics or injections, such as mercury, arbutin, tretinoin, vitamin C, Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, and others. Lots of skin whitening products that use mercury, in some countries, the use of this material has been banned because it can cause adverse effects to the skin, the damage and discolor the skin and if used for a long time, mercury can enter the bloodstream and damage the organs of our body such as kidney and others. Arbutin comes from bearberry leaves, blueberry or mulberry shrubs, cranberry, and also found on the pear. These materials may inhibit the production of melanin in the skin. Arbutin and herbal extracts it is a safe alternative to face lightening.

Medical studies have shown the efficiency of arbutin to brighten the face. This material was largely one of the ingredients are safe to use. Tretinion may be effective to make the skin look whiter, but if using tretinion, your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight, so you should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Kojic acid is made from rice fermentation process used in the sake industry. But is less stable, air or sun exposure can make changes in color and reduced efficacy. The use of this material may have a carcinogenic effect. Other studies show this ingredient can cause allergies and skin irritation. Humans do have a lot of desire, but not all wishes be fulfilled. Sometimes accept yourself what is the best choice. Whatever you change from your physical appearance, might lead to bad things for your health.

Dangers Of Skin Bleaching Weeks To Pregnant Women

Kojic Acid

Kojic Acid

Beauty care is not only desired by a young woman, but many pregnant women who want to always look gorgeous. Women are pregnant should consider what he does. Included in the cosmetic uses, there are some cosmetics that contain hazardous substances that could interfere with fetal growth, even very dangerous for the fetus. One is a skin-whitening product. Some skin whitening ingredients can enter the blood vessels and into the fetus, which can affect the developing fetus in the womb.

This material is not only harmful to the fetus, but also endanger the mother is pregnant. Be careful on the skin-whitening cosmetics at conception or not. Being beautiful may be the dream of all women, but there are still many things that must be considered and prioritized. The use of Kojic Acid or other materials to make the skin look white, it should be rethought. Pregnant women should have a lot of knowledge about beauty and health, so that the baby is born healthy and beauty is still maintained.

Pregnant women can take care of her skin with natural ingredients like olive oil. These oils can help reduce wrinkles and make skin smoother and prevent stretch mark in the stomach or other parts that commonly arise during pregnancy and after childbirth. Be a woman who can keep the beauty in a

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