How to Get Lighter Skin

Talking about beauty skin, a persistent question which always comes up to almost any women is “how to get lighter skin”. It is undeniable that having lighter, fairer, or paler skin is considered as more pure, innocent, modest, and goddess-like; even though it does not mean that having colored skin will not give the same effects. Yet, numerous studies involving men as the participants note that men admit that they are more interesting to women with lighter skin.

In addition, you can also notice that many women in Asia, like in Philippine, want to have white skin. This is seen through many cosmetics selling whitening skin products. Regardless, some other Asian women who understand that their colored skin is exotic, the choice of being whiter and paler is still in the top option.

Before Answering How to Get Lighter Skin

As a woman who always wants to look beautiful, understanding how things as they are and how things become as they are is important, just like how important it is to understand why there are paler and colored skin. What makes our skin have different color is the melanin that we have on the skin. The less melanin, the paler we will be. With a richer melanin, one will be more colored than the other. What may become the factor influencing the quantity of melanin in our skin? It is due to blood vessels underneath the skin, which makes the skin to range in color from almost black to white with a pinkish tinge, and also due to genetic reason even though the certain reason why skin color may range into several types is still unknown.

Then, why is understanding these backgrounds important before looking for the answer on how to get lighter skin? It is to prevent us of being misleading in having a way of thinking that we can change the color of the skin. What we need to well understand is that natural skin color can be darkened. It can be because of sunlight exposure, temperature, illness, frostbite, and other reasons. So it is unwise to think that we can change the nature of our skin color (in spite of having surgery, or course). So, how to get lighter skin? Well, we can make our skin lighter to the natural color that we have, not paler or lighter than the natural color.

How to Get Lighter Skin? Simple Tips

In order to bring back the natural color of the skin, there are some simple tips and trick that we can do as well as answering how to get lighter skin. Some are home-made recipes, and the others are tips to prevent our skin become darker. Check these following tips on how to get lighter skin, and find which one is the best for you to apply.

How to Get Lighter Skin With Home-Made Recipes



There are lots of goods in the kitchen that we actually can use to help us restoring our natural color. We can use sandalwood, for example. It is good as the first answer on how to get lighter skin. It is e bit pricey, but it is useful to remove red blotches, pimples, fade freckles, and can eliminate spots and heal swelling. We can also use eggs and honey by whipping them together and add up some drop of lemon juice. Smear it on the face and wash it off after 15 minutes. Other easy home-made recipe on how to  make skin lighter is using oatmeal and tomato juice. Give a breakfast to your skin by using the mix of oatmeal and tomato juice as a facial scrub. Moreover, papaya is also believed to give powerful effect to make the skin lighter. Cut the papaya in half, then rub it to all over the skin. For a best result you can do this every night.

How to Get Lighter Skin: The Tips

These are some of the simple tips that you can apply in everyday basis. First, stay out of the sun because it is the biggest reason why we get our skin darker. But if it is impossible for us to stay away from the sun, do not forget to wear hat. There are lots of hat that will match with our fashion nowadays. More, you must also apply the sun block to help the skin defending of being darker because of the sunlight. To use the sun block you will be better to consult a cosmetician or a doctor to get a recommended amount of SPF. Different area and skin will affect the sufficient level of SPF to apply in the skin. During this process, we can also fake our skin by using make up. But be careful on this one, since we have to know how to do make up so that it will not turn to be a clown-like. So we have lots of tips on how to get lighter skin now, which one will you apply?

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